What is Playbook, you ask?
Playbook is the partner site to It is an online repository for all the strategies you create with GTactix to share with your team. It is a secure portal where only you and members of your team can view your completed strategies - giving you a virtual playbook available from anywhere that you have internet access. This playbook website and the GTactix application are designed to work hand-in-hand. Using GTactix you can create your strats and upload them directly to your teams' playbook.

So basically in a simple/quick example the process goes like this...

  1. You create a forum account at GTactix forum.
  2. You download and install GTactix.
  3. You go (here) to, log in with your forum account and create a team.
  4. Start up GTactix, install the map pack of your choice and draw your strat.
  5. Click the 'Upload to Playbook!' link in the menu bar.
  6. In the GTactix window that opens you login with your forum account and type a name for your strat.
  7. Select a team (if you belong to more than one) & click next. Select a destination folder and click Upload.
Now you and any of your team members can log into Playbook and browse to the strat! They don't need anything other than an internet connection!